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Vehicle Design Safety Certificate (VDSC)

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The Certificate is required so that the manufacturer could produce and supply a special order of new vehicles or trailers not included in the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) or to import several vehicles to Russia. Roughly speaking, it is a simplified version of VTA. The Certificate is issued only for new vehicles which have not been registered yet.

The lead time to obtain VDSC depends on the available set of documents. If all documents are available, the Certificate can be issued within one day. You can send the set of documents to us via e-mail at The original copy of the Certificate will be delivered to you by post or the courier service; the color copy will be sent immediately after the MIC Center experts have received the Vehicle Design Safety Certificate. The manufacturer or the importer should have the most part of the documents if they have previously produced or supplied at least one vehicle to Russia. To obtain VDSC, the same set of documents as for VTA is required.

We have been specializing in certification since the beginning of the XXI century and every day issue VDSC since the introduction of this document in 2009. So far, we have issued more than 1000 Certificates and know all underlying potential problems and difficulties which may be encountered along the way, thus saving the time and money of our customers.

If you want to obtain VDSC, please call us at +7 (495) 363-43-54 or send the application using the form below. Our expert will contact you promptly to advice you on the price and the lead time to obtain the Certificate.

Apply for VDSC

Press the Ctrl+Enter, to send

List of documents required to obtain VDSC


  • Application in any format or in the official format
  • Company details - example


  • Technical description in any format or in the official format
  • Specifications - example
  • Operation manual - example
  • General drawing in three views - example
  • Pictures (is available)

Approvals (if available)

  • WMI Certificate - example
  • Dividing List - example
  • Rostekhnadzor Approval - example
  • Previously issued VDSC for a vehicle in question - example
  • Certificates for the equipment
  • Test reports

You can save you time and money by filling in the application and technical description in the official formats. Please send us the archive with the documents via e-mail to or using the form above.

If you haven’t got some of the documents yet, we will promptly drawn them up, from scratch, on turnkey basis, and will deliver them at a time and place of your convenience.

Why is VDSC required?

The Certificate is issued only for new vehicles and trailers so that the manufacturer or the importer could produce or import and then sell them. Based on VDSC, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate issues the Vehicle Certificate of Ownership and registers it.

The Certificate can not be issued for the vehicles which are already registered. To make design modifications for the vehicles which already have the Vehicle Certificate of Ownership, the Decision on Re-equipment or Extension of VTA are required.

How to obtain the Certificate

The Certificate can be issued only by accredited laboratory. If required, the vehicle is tested to verify its compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations.

WMI Certificate and the Dividing List are the main documents for obtaining VDSC. WMI Certificate entitles its holder to act as a manufacturer or an importer, while the Dividing List allocates the responsibility for meeting the requirements of the Technical Regulations No. 720.

If the basic chassis or the vehicle is fitted out with the equipment which is subject to mandatory certification, e.g. articulated crane or a refrigerator van, the corresponding certificate shall be obtained. To get the Certificate, the vehicle shall be tested to verify its compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations.

The contents of the Certificate

The VDSC includes the following information: vehicle weight and dimensions, chassis technical characteristics (engine, transmission, and suspension), name of the vehicle and manufacturer’s data. For this purpose, you need to send us the company details, the technical description with the drawing, and the application.

If you do not have the drawing, please read Development of documentation section for more information on how to make it.

MIC Center experts have been involved in issuing VDSC on a daily basis since the introduction of the Certificate by the requirements of the Technical Regulations in 2009. So far, we have issued more than 1000 Certificates and know all subtleties of this process. To find out the price and the lead time to obtain VDSC, or to receive other information, please call us at +7 (495) 363-43-54 or send us the application using the ‘Apply’ red button below.

Absolutely all of these documents at your request can be prepared and (or) obtained by MIC Center without leaving a representative of the Customer.

Do you want to certify the vehicle?

Call us +7 (495) 363 43 54 or apply
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