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Obtaining the world manufacturer’s identifier (WMI)

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At MIC Center, you will receive WMI Certificate in the shortest time possible with minimum set of documents and at low price. This certificate enables its holder to become the official importer or manufacturer of vehicles in Russia.

We undertake drawing up of all supporting documentation. You only need to send us the documents for the legal entity, a brief technical description and the mane of the company in Russian and English. All documents can be sent via e-mail, and in a week you will be issued with WMI Certificate.

After obtaining WMI Certificate, you can get the Vehicle Type Approval or the Vehicle Design Safety Certificate and launch the production or import of vehicles. If you do not have some documents, we will prepare a full set of documents and send to you for approval.

Over a period of 14 years, more than 160 manufacturers of special-purpose vehicles in Russia became our customers. We have obtained more than 100 WMI Certificates and know this process from A to Z. To get WMI Certificate, please fill in the feedback form below or call us at +7 (495) -363-43-54. Our experts will promptly evaluate the scope of work, price and the lead time to issue the document.

Apply for WMI Certificate

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List of documents required to obtain WMI Certificate

  • Application in any format or in the official format;
  • Technical description - example;
  • Company details;
  • Incorporation documents (the Charter, OGRN, TIN).

You can send all documents via e-mail at or using the ‘Apply’ form. Our phone is +7 (495) 363 43 54.

Why is WMI code required?

Stages to obtain the Vehicle Certificate of Ownership:

WMI Certificate – Vehicle Type Approval – Vehicle Certificate of Ownership

It is known that to sell a vehicle it has to be registered first. When registering the vehicle, State Traffic Safety Inspectorate  may require the Vehicle Type Approval, possibly the Specifications, Operation Manual, and legal documents. WMI code is the first stage of this process.

The WMI holder can import and manufacture cars, special-purpose vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, and other types of vehicles in Russia. The Certificate entitles the holder to apply his labeling on the sold vehicle.

What are the next steps?

After getting WMI Certificate, which takes around 5-7 days, Type Approval shall be obtained so that the buyer could register the vehicle or import it to Russia.

Absolutely all of these documents at your request can be prepared and (or) obtained by MIC Center without leaving a representative of the Customer.

Do you want to certify the vehicle?

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