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Development of technical documentation


The following technical documentation is required to certify a vehicle: Technical Description (TD), Operation Manual (OM), Specifications, General and Detail drawings.

MIC Center has an extensive experience in developing such documents. For more than 14 years, we have created a comprehensive database of technical descriptions and drawings of various vehicles and chassis. Therefore, it will take us minimum amount of time to develop any technical document from scratch at a low price. You don’t need to visit our office to collect the documents, as we will send them to you via e-mail and the original copies will be sent by post or a courier service.

MIC Center experts will assist you in developing standard and non-standard documentation related to automotive and towed vehicles. Our certified experts will provide you with comprehensive documental support for your products from technical documents (TD, Specifications, OM, drawings) to legal documents (WMI code, Type Approval, Vehicle Design Safety Certificate, Dividing List).

Send the application in any format for the development of technical documentation using the form below or call us at +7 (495) 363 43 54. MIC Center expert will contact you to advise you on the price and the lead time to develop the documentation.

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Why is the technical documentation required?

Technical Description is required to get WMI code, Type Approval, Vehicle Design Safety Certificate, Dividing List, Rostekhnadzor Approval, GOST R Certificate or any other approval. In some cases, specifications, operation manual and detail drawings are additionally required.

Such plants as KAMAZ, URALAZ, MAZ and some foreign manufacturers of chassis or basic vehicles set stringent requirements to the documents. The supporting documents shall include detail drawings with section views of all assemblies which interact with the chassis or the basic vehicle, e.g. power take-off or fixing points of the truck loader crane (TLC).

Types of documents

Technical Description is the simplest and most essential document required at all stages of the vehicle certification. The document includes general data on the vehicle weight and dimensions, the engine and the body. It is a mandatory document for certification.

Specifications. This document is drawn up in accordance with GOST requirements. It includes the elements of the technical description and drawings. It is a mandatory document for certification.

Operation Manual is the user manual in the classical meaning of this word. The document describes vehicle operation and storage conditions, causes of potential failures, and other data. It is a mandatory document for selling the vehicle.

Drawings. Typically, general drawings of the vehicle with three views, general parameters, as well as drawings of complex assemblies and interaction points for the add-on and the chassis are required. All drawings are performed in accordance with GOST requirements. Drawings are mandatory for certification.

In some cases, special documents are required. However, the main objective of developing all documents is to demonstrate to the certification bodies and the buyers the compliance of the vehicle to the requirements of the Technical Regulations, GOST standards, and to guarantee safe operation of your vehicle.

How to save on the development of the documentation

You can spend less time and money for the development of TD, Specifications and OM, if the documents are required for several similar vehicle modifications. In this case, the vehicle descriptions can be included in one document. To determine if this is possible, each individual case shall be considered separately, because drawing up of such documents as Specifications, OM and drawings is regulated by GOST standards which can allow or prohibit inclusion of different vehicle modifications in a single document.

MIC Center’s certified experts have long-term practical experience. Over a period of 14 years, more than 150 plants in Russia and abroad became our customers. For them, we have prepared more than 3000 various technical documents. We have a large database of ready documents for different types and modifications of vehicles, so we can make the development of documents fast and cheap.

If you need to draw up any technical document, please send us the application using the red button below or email us at Our expert will contact you to advise you on the price and the lead time to develop your documents.

Absolutely all of these documents at your request can be prepared and (or) obtained by MIC Center without leaving a representative of the Customer.

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