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Opinion on re-equipment


We will issue the Decision on Re-equipment on the same day you file the application. MIC Center experts will perform all necessary preparatory work, review for compliance with all legal requirements and send the Decision to you as you find it convenient.

This document is required to register a used vehicle to which design changes have been made, e.g. the installation of the articulated crane on a dump truck, conversion of a dropside tuck into a van or a dump truck, replacement of the engine or other numbered parts of the vehicle.

Over a period of 14 years, we have issued 2500 Decisions. MIC Center experts have developed a comprehensive database of technical documentation and know how to make the Decision on Re-equipment quickly and to the highest standard. Payment options for legal entities and individuals are available.

List of documents required to obtain the Decision on Re-equipment

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle Certificate of Ownership
  • Passport for an individual, the company card for a legal entity
  • Application for the vehicle re-equipment from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

Please send all documents by fax or via e-mail at

 To get the Decision on Re-equipment, please call us at +7 (495) 363 43 54 or send the application using the form below.

Apply for the Decision on Re-equipment

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What information does the Decision include?

The Decision includes:

  • Full description of all changes made to the vehicle design
  • Name of the company which made the changes

Our experts analyze the vehicle design changes; if the requirements of the Technical Regulations are met, the conclusion to issue the Decision is made. Vehicle design changes are regulated by GOST R 51709-2001. In accordance with this standard, re-equipment shall not affect the distribution of loads and compromise safety of the vehicle. Changes shall not cause damage to the braking system, wheels and tyres, lights, and other certified systems.

This document entitles the owner of the re-equipped vehicle to register it at the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

Re-equipment of minibuses and other types of vehicles

To re-equip minibuses, special documents shall be obtained. The procedure for drawing up and issuing such documentation is standard. However, the person who needed to obtain the re-equipment documents for the minibus for the first time may not know the statutory instruments regulating the vehicle re-equipment.

The Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation No. 1240 dated 07.12.2000 regulates the process of technical supervision over vehicles and establishes the procedure for making design changes.

To obtain the documents for re-equipment of the vehicle, please call us at +7 (495) 363 43 54 or send the application using the form below. MIC Center experts will draw up the Decision on turnkey basis and will send it to you as you find it convenient.

Absolutely all of these documents at your request can be prepared and (or) obtained by MIC Center without leaving a representative of the Customer.

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