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GOST R certificate and automotive service certificate

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MIC Center specializes in issuing certificates for special-purpose vehicles and certificates for car service. For vehicles, there are voluntary and mandatory certificates. The voluntary certificate can be issued virtually for any product to demonstrate its high quality. The certificate is mandatory if the Technical Regulations No. 720 dated September 10, 2009 specify that the product is subject to mandatory certification. If a Type Approval is issued for three years, the units and assemblies stated in the Summary Approval Sheet shall also have the certificates, e.g. for the hydraulic equipment or the timber equipment.

For car services, the certificate for car maintenance and repair services is required. This certificate enables the holder to re-equip vehicles, e.g. minibuses, and to act as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the decision on re-equipment. The certificate is valid for up to three years.

The certificates for vehicles are issued based on the test reports. The tests can be performed at the manufacturer’s site. Depending on the type of the product, presence of the certification body’s representative may be required during the testing.

The terms and price of the GOST R Certificate depend on what product is being certified and what tests are required or which services have to be provided. For more than 14 years, MIC Center experts have been specializing in issuing the certificates and know how to save your time and money. The certificate can be issued from scratch, on turnkey basis and delivered to you.

Call us at +7 (495) 363-43-54 and receive a free advice on the certification of your products. Alternatively, send the application using the form below and our experts will give you a prompt response.

Apply for GOST R Certificate

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List of documents required to obtain the equipment certificate


  • Company details;
  • Application in any format or in the official format;

Technical (is available):

  • Technical description - example;
  • Specifications - example;
  • Product drawings - example;
  • Product pictures;

Approvals (if available):

  • Previously issued certificates;
  • Test reports.

If you do not have some of the documents, our experts will promptly draw them up.

List of documents required to obtain car service certificate


  • Company details;
  • Application in any format or in the official format;
  • Incorporation documents (the Charter, OGRN, TIN);
  • Premises lease contract or the certificate of ownership;


  • List of services provided – download,
    (delete unnecessary items and send the list to us);
  • List of brands and models of equipment used for car service;

Approvals (if available):

  • Previously issued certificates.

Voluntary certificate

The certificate entitles the manufacturer to label its products with ROSTEST conformity mark. The voluntary certificate helps to prove to the parties concerned the high quality of the products and improve the manufacturer’s reputation.

The certificate can be issued to sole traders, legal entities or individuals. The certificate is valid for up to three years.

The certificate specifies the product name, its OKP and TN VED codes, the manufacturer and the reference number of the document on the basis of which the certificate was issued, e.g. the test report. If the list of the certified products is long, the annex to the certificate is made where the entire product range is stated.

Mandatory certificate

To find out whether the certificate is mandatory, you need to find your product code in OKP or TN VED classifiers and check the list of items subject to mandatory certification in the annex to the Technical Regulations No. 720.

The certificates shall also be issued for the equipment which is specified in the Type Approval valid for three years. The mandatory GOST R Certificate is valid for up to five years.

Other certificates

There are many types of certificates. Apart from the documents listed above, MIC Center issues the following:

  • TR CU Certificate (certificate of conformity to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union). Depending on the product type, the certificate or the Declaration of Conformity is issued.
  • Production Certificate, former Rostekhnadzor Approval.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate.

MIC Center experts have been specializing in issuing the certificates for more than 14 years.  

During this time, more than 150 manufacturers of special-purpose vehicles in Russia and abroad became our customers. We issue the documents from scratch, on turnkey basis. The original copy of the certificate can be sent by courier service to anywhere in the world. To find out the terms and the price of your document, please call us at +7 (495) 363-43-54 or send the application using the red button below.

Absolutely all of these documents at your request can be prepared and (or) obtained by MIC Center without leaving a representative of the Customer.

Do you want to certify the vehicle?

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