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Declaration of Conformity


This document confirms that the products supplied comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations existing in Russia and the Customs Union. The Declaration is issued only to the Russian manufacturers for the products subject to mandatory or voluntary declaration.

The document shall be registered at the certification body and contains a reference to the test report or the certificate demonstrating compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations.

At MIC Center, you can obtain the Declaration of Conformity within one day on turnkey basis form scratch. You don’t even have to visit our office. Instead, just send us your company details, copies of TIN, OGRN, specifications, and the document which demonstrates the conformity (the certificate or the test report) to Our experts will promptly provide you with the time and price estimate to obtain the CU Declaration of Conformity.

If you haven’t got the specifications, GOST R certificate or the test report which is to be written in the Declaration yet, we will assist you in drawing them up in the shortest time possible.

Over a period of 14 years, MIC Center experts have helped our customers to obtain more than 2500 CU Declarations of Conformity. We deal with this document on a daily basis and know all subtleties and issues that may arise at the customs or the regulating authorities when the Declaration is presented. To find out whether your products are subject to declaration, to draw up the Declaration, and to find out the terms and the price, please call us at  +7 (495) 363 43 54 or send a letter using the ‘Apply’ red button below. 

Apply for the Declaration of Conformity

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List of documents required to obtain the Declaration


  • Company details;
  • Application in any format or in the official format;
  • Incorporation documents: copies of TIN, OGRN, and the Charter;

Technical (if available):

Approvals (if available):

  • Certificates;
  • Test reports;
  • ISO 9001 Certificate - exapmle;

If you do not have some technical documents or approvals, our experts will advise you on how to obtain them promptly.

How to obtain the Declaration?

The CU Declaration of Conformity is issued during one day on condition that all documents for a sole trader or a legal entity are available. The Declaration contains an item “…accepted based on:” which is filled in with the reference to GOST R certificate or a test report demonstrating compliance of the products with the requirements of the Technical Regulations No. 720 dated September 10, 2009. For additional information on how to obtain supporting documents, see GOST R Certificates and Certifications Tests sections.

Which products are subject to declaration?

Different forms of documents apply to different types of products:

  • Mandatory declaration of conformity;
  • Voluntary declaration of conformity;
  • Mandatory certification;
  • Voluntary certification.

To define which type of the documents applies to your products (declaration or certificate) and whether it is mandatory or voluntary, determine which class the product belongs to – OKP or TN VED. Next, refer to the annexes to the Technical regulations to find your product code in the list of items to which the requirements of the Technical Regulations apply. If your product is missing from the list, it is subject to mandatory certification.

Annexes to the Law on Technical Regulation No. 720 will provide answer to the question whether the Declaration or the Certificate is required.

Depending on the product type, the Declaration of Conformity has various validity periods: from one to five years.

Based on our extensive experience, we recommend receiving the Certificate or the CU Declaration of Conformity in any case, irrespective of whether it is mandatory or not. If you plan to import the products subject to customs control, it will save your time and money if you obtain additional document confirming the product quality in advance instead of tying to prove its compliance at the customs.

To apply for the CU Declaration of Conformity call us or click the ‘Apply’ red button below. Our experts will promptly provide you with the time and price estimate to obtain the Declaration.

Absolutely all of these documents at your request can be prepared and (or) obtained by MIC Center without leaving a representative of the Customer.

Do you want to certify the vehicle?

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