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Certification and check tests


MIC Center can organize and conduct certification and check tests of motor vehicles, special-purpose machinery, tractors, mechanical aids and other mechanical engineering products.
Check tests are tests to examine the quality of the vehicle and special-purpose machinery. Certification tests are held within examinations for compliance with stated technical specifications upon production. The tests results in the issuance of an opinion on the compliance of special-purpose machinery with normative-technical documents.

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1. ACCORDING TO UN ECE REGULATIONS (hereinafter designated as R)

Electromagnetic compatibility (R 10);

Door latches and hinges (R 11);

Behavior of steering device under impact (R 12);

Braking (R 13);

Safety belt anchorages (R 14);

Safety belts (R 16);

Anti-theft (R 18);

Diesel smoke and power (R 24);

Head restraints (R 25);

External projections (R 26);

Audible warning devices (R 28);

Protection of the occupants of the cab of a commercial vehicle (R 29);

Fire risks (R 34);

Arrangement of foot controls (R 35);

Multi-seat buses (R 36);

Speedometer (R 39);

Rear view mirrors (R 46);

Installation of lighting and light-signaling devices (R 48);

Emissions (diesel) (R 49);

Sound levels (R 51);

Minibuses (R 52);

Mechanical coupling devices (R 55, GOST 2349, OST 37.001.299);

Rear underrun protective device (R 58);

External projections forward of the cab of a commercial vehicle (R 61);

Strength of superstructure (buses) (R 66);

LPG equipment (R 67);

Lateral protection (R 73);

Strength of seats and their anchorages (large passenger vehicles) (R 80);

Emissions: vehicles with total weight up to 3.5 t (R 83), over 3.5 t (GOST R 51832, OST 37.001.070);

Internal noise (GOST R 51616, GOST 27435);

Ventilation and heating (GOST R 50993, RD 37.001.018);

Contents of harmful substances in the passenger compartment and in the cab (GOST R 51206, GOST 12.1.005, RD 37.052.154);

Controllability and stability (GOST R 41.111, OST 37.001.471, OST 37.001.487, RD 37.001.005);

Visibility from the driver’s seat (GOST R 51266);

Vehicles. Markings (GOST R 51980);License plates for vehicles (GOST R 50577).


Vehicles for municipal public authorities (GOST R 50631);

Hydraulic drive (GOST 17411, GOST 12.2.040, GOST 27472, GOST 12.2.086);

Safety signs and safety colors (GOST R 12.4.026, GOST 12.1.114);

Location, design and loads of controls (GOST 12.2.011, GOST 21752, GOST 21753, GOST 23000);

Availability, parameters and strength of sites and enclosures (GOST 27472, GOST 12.2.004, GOST 12.4.059);

Timber-carrying machines and equipment (GOST 12.2.102);

Design of tank trucks (GOST 12.2.011);

Availability of tooling and parameters of tank trucks (GOST R 50913, GOST 21561, GOST 9218);

General requirements (GOST 12.2.044);

Availability and design of breathing devices of tanks (GOST 25560);

Design of hatch covers of tanks (GOST 25570);

General requirements for container carriers (GOST 19173);

Design of load-lifting equipment, main parameters of self-loading vehicles (GOST 23647, GOST 12.2.004);

Design of cradles and pipe and string bundling devices (GOST 12.2.004);

Parameters of skewing, bending or cambering of load-bearing surfaces (GOST 13015.4);

Shipment situation of building structures (GOST 13015.4);

Vibration level at operator’s workplace (GOST 12.1.012);

Sound pressure level at operator’s workplace (GOST 12.1.003);

Requirements for special optical and acoustic signals, color design (GOST R 50574);

Special requirements, visibility, design of vehicle body and its internal equipment (OST 37.001.519, GOST R 50963, GOST 28385);

Special requirements for the equipment of fire engines (GOST 23466, GOST12.2.037);

Electromagnetic compatibility (GOST 29157, GOST 29205).

Specialists of MIC Center LLC are ready to offer you any desired additional certification testing services.

Absolutely all of these documents at your request can be prepared and (or) obtained by MIC Center without leaving a representative of the Customer.

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