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Certification of products and services

MIC Center has been dealing with certification of special-purpose motor vehicles since 2000. Over the years, we have been able to accumulate huge experience of working in the system of GOSSTANDART and certification bodies. Among our loyal customers are major manufacturers of special-purpose machinery and equipment. Today our clients number more than 150 Russian and foreign enterprises. We have highly-qualified specialists and accredited experts on our staff. Our style is the custom-tailored approach, the shortest possible deadlines, reasonable prices!

Our style


Professional perfomance

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Extensive experience

We have been operating on the market of services for certification of special-purpose motor vehicles ever since. Over the years, we have accumulated huge experience in preparation of all kinds of specialized documents and development of design documents, and we have been acknowledged as top level professionals!


A staff of top-ranked specialists

Our employees are accredited experts having a long record of work in the system of GOSSTANDARDT and certification bodies. Throughout the years of our activities, we have implemented a large number of complex projects which require detailed development of design documents and obtaining all the special documents.


Our clients

More than 150 manufacturers trust us to prepare and obtain documents for them. We deal both with large companies producing mass-market machinery and smaller factories focusing on the manufacture of highly-specialized products.


The shortest deadlines

Owing to a well-established and proven work flow, we can prepare and obtain all the required documents within the shortest possible time.


Reasonable prices

Our prices are appropriate and affordable. We appreciate our clients and do our best to ensure each of our customers obtain the most convenient conditions for them.


Custom-tailored approach

All of our clients know that protecting their interests is at the core of our work. Detailed exploration of each company’s production specifics enables us to achieve all the objectives assigned.

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